Products That Slayed In The Month Of… February 

Another month is over, can you believe we are in March already. Throughout February I fell in love with so many products, discovered way too many TV shows that have taken up too much of my time and found several new reads.

With that I have decided to share with you all, my favourites from February and why I am loving them.

Let’s begin…

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade – Taupe – £18.00

Until recently my search for the perfect brow continued, until now that is. After seeing the Dipbrow Pomade recommended by nearly every beauty blogger that ever lived, I just knew that I had to try it and I haven’t looked back since. This little pot of eye brow heaven provides you everything you need to get your brows on ‘fleek’.

The consistency of the product feels so luxurious with its creamy gel-like feel, the Dipbrow Pomade just glides on. I should say that this product is very pigmented and a little really goes a long way, a light hand is key, so you really don’t need to load up the brush. £18 initially does seem like a lot for this little pot, but I know even wearing this every day that the Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade is going to last me absolutely ages.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow Pomade has changed my brow routine for the better, I can’t ever see myself swapping to any other brow product. Thanks to the Dipbrow Pomade it takes 5-10 minutes to get my brows looking like they have been professionally done. When I do finally run out of this product, I can safely say that I will be re-purchasing.

L.A. Girl: Strobe Lite Strobing Powder – 120 Watt – £5.00

I have been looking for a drugstore highlighter for some time now and came across the L.A. Girl: Strobe Lite Strobing Powder when last shopping on Beauty Bay and at such an affordable price I couldn’t resist popping one of these in my basket. Good quality drugstore highlighters are not easy to come by and being able to choose from twelve different shades, is like finding a unicorn at the end of a rainbow. I am so happy to see a brand that caters for so many different skin tones. I am currently using 120 Watt as this is the most suitable for fair skin tones, but I will be trying other shades at some point.

The texture of these is a good mix between dry and creamy – it’s hard to explain but they’re not powdery, nor do they feel silky to the touch. The Strobing Powder are light-weight in formula, the powders are very finely milled there are no chunks of glitter in sight. The L.A. Girl: Strobe Lite Strobing Powder blends into the skin easily, they are not streaky or patchy however I would say to apply these with a fluffy brush over a dense brush as they are super pigmentated (well at least the 120 Watt is) and I think if these were to be applied with a denser brush then it might be difficult to create a seamless blended highlight look.

Another thing that I love about the L.A. Girl: Strobe Lite Strobing Powder is that they do not accentuate texture too much on the skin, like some other highlight powders tend to do.

As mentioned above these strobing powders are very pigmentated, I have found that the ‘Glow’ stays on for a good 4-5 hours, which is very long-wearing for a highlighter and a drugstore highlighter at that.

I will certainly be buying more of the L.A. Girl: Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in my next Beauty Bay haul.

PIXI: Glow Tonic – £18.00

I must say until a month ago, I had never really heard of the brand ‘PIXI’, until I received one of Cult Beauty’s subscription emails promoting the new Double Cleanse product. Unfortunately, this product had already sold out by the time I got see what the hype was about. However, I was instantly drawn in by PIXI’s packaging so I decided to see what other products they have within their range. As well other products from PIXI, I purchased the Glow Tonic and I am so glad that I did.

The Glow Tonic instantly refreshes, brightens, tones and genuinely conditions my skin. The Glow Tonic is enriched with 5% glycolic acid – a natural derivative of sugar cane, and a member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family. This gentle, exfoliating formula dissolves the bonds binding dull dead cells to the skin’s surface, to reveal new healthy skin cells underneath. The Glow Tonic immediately gives clarity and brightness to my skin, I wouldn’t use another toner now, I have officially been converted.

PIXI Glow Tonic has taken the beauty world by storm, so much so a waiting list was needed as the Glow Tonic was flying of the shelves quicker than it could be re-stocked.

As mentioned above, I brought several other PIXI products from Cult Beauty that I am loving just as much as the PIXI Glow Tonic, with that I have decided to do a separate review post on these PIXI products. I will have this up in the next couple of weeks.

Zoeva: Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette – £18.00

Those with a sweet tooth will easily fall in love with the Zoeva statement cocoa blend eyeshadow palette, a stunning array of confectionary and marzipan shades. Comprising a collection of 10 covetable shades in matte, shimmering and sparkling textures – adorn your lids with deep browns, pretty berries and delicate caramel colours, these formulas blend together like a dream.

I must say that I had never really given much thought to Zoeva’s makeup range prior to purchasing the Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette. Sure, their brushes are amazing and are very reasonably priced, but their beauty range didn’t call out to me, until the Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette made its appearance that is.

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette is a chocolate lovers dream. The outer packaging has a luxury chocolate box feel, thanks to the brown and gold colour scheme. What I like most about the Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette is the size of the pans, you really do get a lot for your money with this product. The overall texture of these shadows is soft and creamy and the pigmentation is so intense, you just need to tap your brush in the pan to get an amazing colour pay off.

I could not recommend this palette enough and will go as far to say that it gives the higher end palettes a run for their money. Word of warning though, just looking at this palette will make you hungry for a bag or three of some chocolate buttons.

Beauty and the Beast: Book of the Film – £4.00

With the highly-anticipated film out 17th March (I have literally been counting down the days since Disney announced they would be releasing the live-action film), there has been a lot of Beauty and the Beast merchandise floating around the shops, so when I saw this book on the shelfs I had to snap it up.

Here is the synopsis:

Belle has dreamt of adventures like the ones she reads in her books, of traveling the world outside her small town. When Belle’s father is captured, she takes his place as a prisoner of a fearsome Beast. But life in the enchanted castle isn’t as terrible as Belle imagines, and she ultimately finds friendship and love. Enjoy this tale as old as time about adventure and love, about looking past first appearances, and about the inner Beauty and Beast in all of us in this beautiful novelization of the upcoming star-studded film!

This book was every inch as magical as the Disney animated film and brought back so many memories from my childhood so I felt very nostalgic reading this.

I could talk about this book/film for hours, but I really do not want to spoil anything for anyone who has not already seen the original film, especially before the release of the live-action film. I think I may have to do a separate post once the film has been out a couple of weeks.

In regards to the book I give this book a strong 5/5.

Netflix: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story


As I mentioned in my Welcome to Peach Sunday post, I am a huge film and TV buff so it wouldn’t be right to do a February favourite without mentioning at least one of the series that I am currently obsessed with.

This month the show I have been loving is The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, this is a crime drama with a strong cast including Cuba Gooding Jr., David Schwimmer, John Travolta and Sarah Paulson.

Now I think it safe to say that we all thought we knew the story of O.J. Simpson. In 1994 the famed athlete was accused of killing two people. He was then famously found not guilty in the criminal trial that followed. These events were captured on camera and broadcasted to millions of people, so it’s easy to believe that we thought we knew everything there was to know about the case.

The new ten-part drama series proves otherwise. In the show’s opening moments, creators Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski set the stage for the audience. The series focuses on the aftermath of the murders and the eventual trial of O.J. Simpson.

This is one to watch if you like watching really gripping telly. I watched this with-in a weekend, which is impressive even for me. I now watch every O.J. related documentary there is and am considering buying a couple of the books that cover the crime – what I am trying to say, is this show turns you into a real-life Veronica Mars.

Tell me, what are your current favourites? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Bye for now Peaches.


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