Hello and welcome to my blog Peach Sunday.

I’m Kerri. The girl behind the metaphorical curtain. I’m a 29-year-old shopping addict from a small village in Hertfordshire.

My favourite things in life are; all things Autumn, black jeans, highlighter, jumpers, lipsticks and, stationery and watching re-runs of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yeah, I am little obsessed with that show).

I have decided to set up Peach Sunday as I would read so many bloggers reviews on the latest ‘Must Have’ products or watch their tutorials and thought to myself ‘I could to that’. I have such a passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle and wanted to share that love with like-minded people.

I plan to post everything from product reviews, my latest shopping hauls and much more. Hopefully there will be something for everyone on this blog.

Why the name you ask? Well, when I decided to start this blog the hardest part for me was what to call it. After spending hours (and I mean hours) of writing down words that I liked, phrases that I thought were catchy, I found myself getting such a writer’s block from overthinking it. With this I striped everything back and started over, I decided that I would write down a few words of things that I love in life and after a few meshing of words, Peach Sunday was born and now here we are.

So please grab a cuppa (by the way another thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face) and stay for a bit.

Kerri x x